Our strengths and ambitions

An experienced team and a significant investment capacity


As well as being an independent generator of power from renewable sources in several countries, EREN Groupe invests in innovative solutions to save energy. Tools to prevent costly and polluting consumption at peak times are reliable, effective and readily available: EREN Industries strives to implement these solutions for all consumers.

Pierre Dagallier, Chairman of the Managing Board

Alain Robillard, Member of the Managing Board

Jonathan Decembry, Member of the Managing Board

Pierre Dagallier has held numerous positions within the companies created by Pâris Mouratoglou since 1983. He has, among other things, supported the development of Pâris’s energy projects and has taken responsibility for the management of various organisations in the EREN Groupe. He has supervised the investment policy of the group’s holding company since 2000. He is assisted by Alain Robillard and Jonathan Decembry.

During over 30 years in management at Société Générale, Alain Robillard headed up several branches before creating the Large Private Investors Department of Société Générale Bank & Trust. He has now been a company and fund administrator for 20 years. In 2008, he joined EREN Groupe, as head of investment monitoring, and then became a member of its Management Board.

Jonathan Decembry joined EREN Groupe in 2014 as Head of Consolidation. His 10 years of experience in auditing firms has enabled him to bring his expertise in managing accounting and financial issues for large international groups. In 2021, he expanded his role by joining the Management Board alongside Pierre Dagallier and Alain Robillard.


In order to invest in each technology according to its development potential, the founders and majority shareholders of EREN Groupe have provided the group with equity capital of nearly €600 million.


The careful management of resources is a global economic issue addressed by the technologies promoted by EREN Groupe. Although some of these technologies have already proved their worth internationally, EREN Groupe intends to consolidate its position in the French market, before rolling out to the main industrialised or emerging countries by 2022, alone or in partnership with leading local players. The efficiency of its technical solutions, combined with the economic strength of its industrial service operator model, will enable EREN Groupe to establish itself as the leading international group dedicated to the conservation of natural resources.