Assets and Ambitions

An experienced team and the capacity for significant investment

A management team working for the EREN Groupe’s goals

Pierre Dagallier, Managing Director, has held various positions within the companies created by Pâris Mouratoglou since 1983. One of them was to support the development of projects in the energy field and take responsibility for managing various entities in the Group. He has supervised the group holding investment policy since 2000. He is supported by Alain Robillard and Nathalie Rehm.
Pierre Dagallier
Chairman of the Board of EREN Groupe


To ensure that investments in each form of technology match its development potential, EREN Groupe founders and majority shareholders have endowed the Group’s own funds with nearly €600 M.


Rational use of resources is a worldwide economic challenge that the technologies promoted by EREN Groupe are meeting. Although some of them have already been proven abroad, EREN Groupe plans to consolidate its position on the French market before rolling them out in the main industrialised and emerging countries by 2022, either alone or in partnership with high-ranking local players. The efficiency of these technical solutions coupled with the economic power of the service operator industrial model will allow EREN Groupe to impose itself long term as the number one international group dedicated to saving natural resources.