Energy conservation


One of the largest uses of electricity in the world is cooling, the need for which is increasing every year with the scale of the equipment and with global warming. Needs vary considerably depending on the time of day, the season and the application (hotel, hospital, shopping centre, theatre, manufacturing industries, data centres, etc.). Conventional refrigeration systems are sized to cover peak loads, which are on average only 3% of the time. With cold storage, it is possible to substantially reduce the oversizing of conventional refrigeration systems.

Optimising cold management is therefore a key issue for industries, service sector companies and public players. Through its specialised subsidiary FAFCO, EREN Industries is at the heart of the modernisation of thermal management installations. The proven performance of the cold storage technologies developed by FAFCO makes it possible to cover peaks in demand and thereby reduce the electricity bill. These savings in operating costs also have a strong environmental impact (noise, cooling water, vibrations, space requirements), and consequently affect greenhouse gas emissions.

FAFCO: An innovative cold storage solution

FAFCO was founded in 1981, having first developed solutions for solar thermal energy, heat pumps and then thermal energy storage. Since then, FAFCO has become an expert in cold storage solutions with its ICEBAT accumulators, which service the air conditioning and refrigeration needs of industry.

ACCENTA: Making low-carbon heating and cooling more viable

Heating and cooling account for 10% of global carbon emissions. Accenta was founded with the idea of using the potential of AI and Data Science to make the drastic decarbonisation of building heating and cooling systems more attainable.

EXETANCH: Durable and efficient waterproofing

EXETANCH is a company specialising in waterproofing, roofing and cladding. It offers its clients (institutions, local authorities, general contractors, property developers, industrialists, co-ownership syndicates) expertise in new construction, restoration and maintenance.

EXETANCH also offers its clients the group’s expertise in photovoltaic roof installations and in the optimised management of energy resources in buildings.