Pâris Mouratoglou

Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Founder of EREN Groupe

David Corchia

Member of the Supervisory Board of EREN Groupe and CEO of Total Eren

After starting his career in project financing at BNP Paribas, David Corchia joined JP Morgan (Chase) in 1995 to advise a number of international groups in the energy and public utilities sectors on their mergers, acquisitions and financing.

He joined EDF Energies Nouvelles in 2004 as Executive Vice President, in charge of North America and external growth, before being appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2006. He joined EREN Groupe after the acquisition of EDF Energies Nouvelles by EDF.

Having previously co-founded two companies in the energy sector (Energies in 1979 and Sithe in 1983, in partnership with Compagnie Générale des Eaux), in 1991 Pâris Mouratoglou created SIIF, dedicated to wind and solar power generation. Renamed EDF Energies Nouvelles after EDF acquired a stake in it, the company was floated on the stock exchange in 2006 before being taken over completely by the original company in 2011.

The birth of EREN Groupe

At the beginning of 2012, Pâris Mouratoglou left the Board of Directors of EDF Energies Nouvelles and David Corchia left the management to co-found EREN Groupe.

They are now fully dedicated to the development of EREN Groupe.

To accelerate its growth, in 2015, four years after its creation, Pâris Mouratoglou announced the opening of EREN Renewable Energy’s (EREN Groupe’s subsidiary dedicated to renewable energy production) capital to institutional investors: funds held by the Peugeot families (PSA), the investment company Salvepar (Tikehau group), Nextworld and Bpifrance. A capital increase of nearly €200 million was then undertaken.

In September 2017, the Total group invested €237.5 million in EREN Renewable Energy, which was then renamed Total Eren.

This consortium of financial and industrial partners supports Total Eren’s growth ambitions in the renewable energy sector.



Some dates






Creation of the first group dedicated to the conservation of natural resources

Opening of Eren Renewable Energy’s capital to investors

New headquarters for EREN Groupe

The Mouratoglou Academy moves to Biot

Total joins the capital partnership. Eren-Renewable Energy becomes Total Eren

Quelques dates

Création du premier groupe dédié à l’économie des ressources naturelles


Ouverture du capital d’Eren Renawable Energy


Nouveau siège pour EREN-Groupe


L’Academy Mouratoglou s’installe à Biot


Entré au capital de Total. Eren-Renewable Energy devient Total Eren

A word from the founders :


As both global population and per capita consumption of raw materials continue to grow, it is imperative to consider the balance between economic growth, essential for improving basic quality of life, and the pressure it puts on the availability and quality of natural resources.

The central answer to this major challenge lies in the relationship between the quantity of resources required and the results achieved – “efficiency”: the cheapest energy is the one we do not consume. This principle of frugality is just as appropriate for energy as it is for water production or the use of building materials.

Today, technological innovations make it possible to eliminate waste in a cost-effective manner, i.e. by spending less than the value of the resources saved. It is on the basis of this deep conviction that the EREN Groupe was founded.

EREN Groupe’s ambition is to make these reliable and competitive technologies accessible and central to the supply, demand and allocation of natural resources. We hope to unite all our stakeholders (industrial and financial partners from both the public and private sectors, current and future clients, institutional players, employees and managers, etc.) with this mutual ambition and to encourage everyone to participate and win this challenge which affects us all.