Renewable energies


In developing, building and operating its photovoltaic and wind plants around the world, Total Eren (formerly EREN Renewable Energy), a subsidiary of EREN Groupe, simultaneously embodies the skills and agility of a project developer and the long-term vision of an independent producer of electricity from renewable energies.



Total Eren is a multidisciplinary company, involved and active throughout the development process of a renewable energy project. The decision to get involved in all phases of the development and construction of a renewable projet is very much aligned with the strategic positioning of Total Eren to invest in low risk, profitable assets and maintain control over the long term. Total Eren is an independent power producer (IPP) from renewable energy sources.


Thanks to its technical, legal and commercial teams, Total Eren selects and brings to execution projects showing excellent economic feasibility, and in full compliance with the Group’s sustainable development policy. Total Eren partners with local developers and oversees the various administrative procedures, technical studies, and required environmental and social impact assessments.
By focusing on medium and large projects, Total Eren relies on limited recourse project finance from national and international lenders, in addition to investing its own equity in the projects.


Once the funding is established, Total Eren manages itself or delegates to international first-class industrial groups the construction of its power plants. Capitalizing on its team’s accumulated experience, and its privileged acces to the most qualified professionals and suppliers in the renewable energy sector, Total Eren acts as a multiform and flexible industrial player, in order to maximize the speed of execution and the added value for all stakeholders.
On all the construction sites under its supervision, Total Eren strives to favour local manpower and implement an ambitious and strict environmental and social policy.
In line with its implication during the construction phase, and in order to optimize its assets’performances over the long-term, Total Eren operates and maintains its power stations around the world over the entire project lifetime.


In October 2015, Total Eren, then called EREN Renewable Energy, increased its capital by nearly €200 million in two planned tranches, with a group of investors comprising Bpifrance, NextWorld, Salvepar (Tikehau Group) and FFP. This consortium of financial and industrial partners helps to support Total Eren’s growth ambitions in the renewable energies sector. Thanks to these reinforced financial resources, a shared long-term vision and a goal to share and carry out viable economic projects, Total Eren has consolidated its capacity to deploy funds to develop and invest in international renewable energy projects, whilst maintaining the flexibility and agility of a smaller, more approachable project developer.
In September 2017, the Total group invested €237.5 million in EREN Renewable Energy which was then renamed Total Eren.
In 2019, in the framework of NHC’s acquisition, Total Eren proceeded with a capital increase. In this context, Total SA increased its stake in Total Eren from 23% to 30%.