Water, effluent and sludge treatment

Through its subsidiaries, Orège, specialising in sludge treatment, and TMW in effluent treatment, EREN Industries supports and develops innovative technologies, the result of extensive research and development processes. EREN Industries’ subsidiaries provide effective means of treating effluents and sludge, saving water for industrial use and desalinating seawater using robust evapo-concentration processes.


The real value of SLUDGE AND EFFLUENT

Founded in 2005, Orège offers innovative solutions for the conditioning of urban sludge and the treatment of industrial effluents.

Awarded in 2016 for its proprietary “SLG” technology in the “Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year” category at the Global Water Intelligence Awards, Orège is developing its activities in France, Germany, North America and England.

Turning constraints into benefits

The solutions developed by Orège create a real alternative when traditional technologies reach their technical limits, are too costly, or cannot meet performance objectives. Orège has developed two technologies protected by more than ten patent families.


Creating pure water

Founded in 2000, TMW designs and provides its customers with innovative solutions for industrial effluent treatment and seawater desalination. TMW has already started its international development and aims to become a key player in the water treatment sector.

A unique technology, inspired by the natural water cycle

Faced with the world’s growing population and the water stress caused by climate change, the rational use of water is one of the major challenges of the 21st century.

The result of 10 years of research and development, the technology designed by TMW is inspired by the natural water cycle.

Offering manufacturers competitive potential

Thanks to the TMW process, manufacturers have the opportunity to concentrate their liquid effluents on site and thereby drastically reduce the residual quantities to be treated. The net savings can reach 90% of the annual wastewater treatment costs.